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&For the past year I've been remastering my courses to put them into 'omnipresent' mode.

Then came the reimagining of my 2 x most popular bodys of work from the past 4 years

Dreamspo Club & Figure7

Dreamspo Club started in 2019 as the all-access pass to my methodologies, modalities, courses, workshops and microminds on big dreams, business, branding, balance and beliefs.

Figure6 started in 2019 as the high-touch, hands-on, high-level mastermind for the freespirits of the internet. We rebranded as Figure7 once we cracked the 7 figure nut.

For 4 years... these bodys of work ran like clock work. But as soon as I set my mind on going from 7 to 8 figures. The knowing was instant.

Reimagine & restructure them.

Phase 1: of the Convergence

The All Access Pass (Dreamspo Club) & The High Level Mastermind (Figure7) converged to make one master offer = Figure7.

The FIGURE7 name felt like such a better fit for what my all-access pass had become. As over the years my body of work had been built out to more closely reflect the business and branding vehicles and vessles for your Big Dreams. Instead of the other way around.

Doing this created it into a way more scalable mastermind by removing the weekly sessions and daily mastermind voxer from the original Figure7 but added bi-weekly hot-seat mentoring and a coaching thread.

For the past 4 months I've been testing the restructuring to see if I could emulate to some degree to results I was getting for Figure7 when it was super high touch with weekly sessions and daily mastermind voxer.

The results are in. We've had F7 clients celebrating $100K in 31 days, $19K weeks, $40K months, massive increases in audience size, content growth and body of work roll outs and breakthroughs that generated 8 figure business ideas they'll have my full support in.


Fortune favours the brave. You have to have the courage to change million dollar bodys of work that were working extraordinarily well in order to follow your intution and expand into next levels.

And it's all coming together. After a year of remastering, reimagining, rebranding and restructuring behind the scenes. ANd making sure that the new set up felt 10000% good in my soul! And here we are. It feels sooo good and cathartic.

Phase 2: of the Convergence

Dreamspo Club & My Live Monthly Reprogramming (Beliefetics) would converge to make one master offer = Dreamspo Club.

I had this intutive hit, that you required and desired a daily focused firehose of inspo specifically channelled for freespirited lifeworkers ready to achieve big dreams for breakfast.

So I decided this would be the space for the DAILY DREAMSPO CODES 5-10 minute video coaching microclasses for your road to the millions. Our place for a firehose of Dreamspo codes, subconscious reprogrammings, visualisations, manifestation and energy work from me.

If you've ever intensely compared yourself, felt like quitting and going to a cabin in the woods to live but your lifeswork and Big Dreams keep calling you to rise to the occassion... You know that going to YouTube is like pot luck, where you go on a goose hunt to find guidance and tools that support your Big Dreams versus put you off going for them.

If you've ever requierd and desired my work around resistance and sabotage on tap, this is it. You'll keep going and growing through the sabotage and reistance stages and you'll keep rising and shining through the action and celebration stages of Big Dreams.

Finding a plaform to be able to do all I desired to do... was a whole situation of trial, error, testing and trialling... and here we are. With the perfect platform to do all we're going to do in DREAMSPO.

Results = check.

Time and space = check

Butterflies in belly about this body of work = check


a daily firehose of inspo for freespirited lifeworkers ready to achieve big dreams for breakfast

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5-10 minute video coaching microclasses to shift your state, blow your mind, activate inspired hyper action and get you back on the road to your millions. (begin 1st Jan 2024)

inside these video coaching moments filled with nuggets you can chew on

5-10 minute video coaching microclasses with one of my 1000s of Dreamspo Codes for hyper mindshifts at hyper speeds

I feel into the field to channel these codes through and it'll have you posting in the community "omg I so needed this today, thank you!"

Uploaded to our special app where all daily 'Dreamspo Codes' are uploaded and accessible on your phone or desktop and open to discussion

Energetic Escrow, Oystering, 'Holding Back is the Energy of Lack', Patternistics

Say goodbye to 'you get what you get and you don't get upset' vibes from your YouTube algorithm when you need inspo and receive straight from the source of the Big Dreams Genie... daily.

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Everything you require and desire to achieve your Big Dreams for breakfast

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Online Community of Big Dreamers

A community of Big Dreaming cheerleaders who get it (priceless)

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Daily Dreamspo Codes

A firehose of 5-10 minute video coaching microclasses to shift your state, blow your mind, activate inspired hyper action and get you back on the road to your millions. Daily

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7 Dreamspo Stages

The step-by-step video short course walking you through the 7 stages of Big Dreams. Detailing resistance and sabotage so you can shift at the speed of light and activate kingwave momentum energy

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Monthly Live Reprogramming

Every month for the past year I've faciliated a live subconscious reprogramming (Beliefetics) in the 1st week of the month. The hyper popular tradition continues in the Dreamspo Club as a tool for your Big Dreams

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Monthly Visualisation

To connect into your Big Dream and receive clear guidance on the next inspiration action and step.



The OMGGG are you for real... bonuses

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111-Day Big Dreams Bootcamp

($2222 value)

111 video microclasses filmed in beautiful locations while full-time travelling Australia before, during and after achieving my Big Dream of my first million dollar year.

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Best Month Ever Bundle

($1111 Value)

The beliefs, vibes, energies and actions behind cracking the your best months ever online while gallivanting around the countryside or working on big projects

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